Friday 8 January 2016

Introducing my mission

So the time has come, like many overweight people out there, to make what I refuse to call a New Years Resolution and finally shift the weight. To explain, I've been a UK 10-12 for most of my life until several years ago I started taking antidepressants and the weight starting piling on. I'm now 30kg heavier than my ideal weight and it needs to change. My partner is also a good 30kg overweight so living together, we've made a pact to sort it out.

I hate diets. I hate celery, kale and any meal which comprises a bowl of leaves. I love good food, good ingredients and not feeling hungry. So over the next few months/years (I hope I can get there in less than a year!) I intend to track down the best low calories recipes out there and try to shift this weight without being miserable.

So hey, that's me, read on if you enjoy healthy recipes and dislike cucumber.

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