Friday 8 January 2016

Exercise...a necessary evil

So in previous weight loss missions, doing some exercise has made a huge difference to me. Problem is, I detest most forms of exercise. I have a very short attention span, dislike getting sweaty and would generally rather be doing something else (like sitting on a comfortable sofa).

So, the question is, what exercise can I persuade myself to do? I have enjoyed some aerobics in the past, the combination of music and having someone shout at you seems to work for me. Also, I have a dog, so longer dog walks would be an obvious option. I'm going to try and summon up the enthusiasm, I'll keep you posted on that.

Oh and while I'm here, I really don't believe in completely denying yourself treats like chocolate, that's the way to a diet breakdown. So, I've started following the recipes of a lady who calls herself 'Chocolate Covered Kate'. She comes up with sweet yummy goodies which are easy to make and low in calories. Sounds too good to be true right? I'm going to try the choc chip muffins this weekend and let's see.

Also, I'm using an app to track my calorie intake, it's a good one because I can easily create my own recipes and better yet, share them with my other half. It's called 'Lose It', so far it's good.

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